Really long curtains (really)

Our windows are huge. Like, door sized huge. All of them except the two next to the fireplace are over 5 feet tall! We inherited nice honeycomb shades for them, but took them down during last years demo. The south facing windows got then reinstalled right away (thanks mom!) because they face the street & I am a nursing mom. I think the neighbors and other passers by appreciate that a lot. 🙂

Here’s the thing though. The blinds have zero character, have to be mounted to the front of the window trim which is ugly, and have uber long cords that are a safety hazard for the little ones. So while great for blocking heat, i really don’t love them.

For the girls room we hung beautiful curtains with my grandmas old quilt squares, and some new ones made from her fabric pile ( thanks mom!). The rest of the house is still sporting blut (pronounced “bluet”.grandmas Alsatian word for naked) windows. This is mostly only a problem in our bedroom and playroom where I often nurse. I’ve been on a hunt for curtains or fabric, but 100″+ long curtains are crazy expensive! So when I stumbled across some tan plaid ones online for $12.99/ panel I jumped on them like they were chocolate. Tan plaid?! Yes. At that price I was willing to risk it. Turns out they’re awesome! Country, rustic, lovely. Yay!

We hung then in the playroom’s east facing windows from homemade curtain Ross. Really long curtain rods are also super nutso expensive! Joe bought cheapy cheap dowels & used dowel screws to get the length we needed. I have to go back & stain or paying them, but that’ll happen when we get around to the trim someday.

Mostly, I am thrilled with having real curtains in this room & it’s nice to not worry about the neighbors when Lily wants to nurse. Now we are 2 windows down with 27 to go! 😉

In completely unrelated events, Lily is one! Her first birthday was yesterday and it was awesome. We ride the train in Brackenridge park, a new family birthday tradition, met Joe for lunch, visited my grandma (dads mom) in the hospital, and had a Christmas party.

Yes I did just say Christmas. Yes it’s summer. Christmas is my favorite. Even more than chocolate (maybe because it involves lots of chocolate?). So since my baby’s birthday landed on 7/25, it’s going to be Christmas in July birthday extravaganzas every year! Until the “mooo-oooom. That’s lame.” starts. While she can’t talk though and I get to plan her parties, pink trees, snow covered cake, and carols it will be!

Chances I scar her for life & she converts to Judaism?

Anyway, Lily it’s amazing, loving, smart, so funny, and a pure joy. Being her mom is a true honor and we are so blessed to have such a beautiful girl in our family. Love you my little Lily love!

Here are some pictures of our playroom curtains (person the post birthday craziness in the room… Even though her party was at a dear family friends house…), and of the birthday girl.






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