Treasure Hunting

It’s no secret that I’m captain of the S.S Cheapskate. I love me a bargain! I’m also super nostalgic. So when I stumbled upon a Cargo desk with huge hutch at the terrify store today, I did the happy dance. When I saw the price, I nearly knocked over the little old lady with blue hair to find my mom and share a happy dance. $40! Which is a steal. How do I know? Because this desk’s twin is in my bedroom right now. Non identical twin since mine has the small hutch & the thrift store one has a big one, but twins non the less. My parents bought an entire Cargo bunk bed/desk/dresser set when I was a kid. I very clearly remember climbing over all the display furniture in the store in Ingram mall, right below the elevator where they filmed the mall scene with Jennifer Lopez in the Selena movie. I’ve put that poor set through the paces. The bunks were given to other family over the years, but the desk & dresser are still mine. I can’t believe the luck in finding another desk, so both girls can have one! Especially since Cargo went out of business a number of years ago. Ours even more awesometastic because I need a place to store all of the preschool things we are starting to collect. This fits the bill perfectly for that. This is definitely a thrift store score!


What say you?

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