Worldly decor

Mom & I went shopping last week. Wee! In addition to getting tons of ideas for diy stuff, I got a couple of things that have been awesome.

First oh all, a wood floor in the kitchen can be a beautiful thing. A rug to catch water in front of the sink on top of the wood floor is better. I wish this one cane in a bigger size, but I love that it looks like a doily. If I find Simeon in a better scale I love, this one can always move in front of a door or to a bathroom.


Ignore the cabinets. Still hate them. Haaaate.

I also got a chicken wire basket that hangs on the wall. It might just be the best thing in the playroom now. Whenever we get library books, we lose them. Fines kind of negate the while free aspect of using the library. Sooo, I wanted a single, designated dot to keep sill of our library books. The chicken wire is kind of fantastic against the siding we left exposed near the door in the playroom. Its at kid height so they can put their own books away. Its near the bags so packing up for the library should be easy. Its even so great that Joe wants to add another above it do things look more balanced.


Note, those aren’t library books. Because the ones we have are currently missing. Of course. Which is why we needed this basket to start with…

I love shopping.

Another note. Please pardon all errors. Sleep has been in short supply. Cops knocking on the door (wrong address) at midnight, thunderstorms, kids. They all make sleep harder. I wish I didn’t hate coffee.


What say you?

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