Well, Joe did want a farm….

So I bought a pig. A cute little one. 🙂

When I found this cute little basket at Goodwill for just a few bucks I figured he’d be a fun way to corral some baby board books.

*why yes, that was a barn joke*

When I bought it, I sent Joe a text saying “just bought a pig basket.” He thought I made a typo. Oh no my darling husband, I did indeed buy a basket shaped like a pig. For seriously.

We’re still trying to find a name for him. I like Arnold in honor of a pig that used to live on Grandmas farm when my mom was little… At least until dinner one night. Never make a pet of an animal on a farm. 😉

Anyhow, a playroom is a room that shouldn’t take itself too seriously, so what better place for a little piggy basket? He makes me smile, the girls seem excited, and it’s a start to the farm Joe has always wanted. Besides, any organization we can add to keep thus place from looking like a pig sty is a good thing.






What say you?

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