Taking a bite out of our to-do list

Our sofa is pretty great. Mostly because a generous family friend gave it (and a bunch of other fantastic stuff) to us f-r-e-e! However, sturdy and comfy as it is, the fabric on the cushions was ripping. Badly.

Lily has developed a new game. It’s called “pick off little pieces of cushion foam and try to eat them before mommy stops me!” So we needed to stop that. Old foam cushion isn’t very high on the healthy baby diet. However, finding eco friendly affordable sofas to replace ours with us really hard. I did find a great option at Eco Select furniture, but they are online only so we can’t see any of their work first. Given they are All of that long winded explanation is the reason we bought a slipcover for our sofa. On a scouting mission to bed, bath and beyond (for a crock pot, which we still haven’t decidedon), Joe found a nice, neutral slip cover on the 50% off the clearance price table. I also had the ubiquitous 20% of coupon. That meant that after clearance, extra sale, and coupon we got a sofa skip cover for $20. Insert happy bargain dance here!

Well, we waited on the celebration dance until after we got home and Joe vacuumed out the couch, pulled all the toys out from under it, and managed to pull the slipcover over our sofa. We were concerned since the package said it would only go to 88″ and ours is 92″. Luck was on our side though, and it fits! Sort of. The seams show and the arms don’t fit at all, but it’s a huge improvement. It also definitely brightens up the room and the much more subtle beige chevron pattern coordinates nicely with our bargain beige plaid curtains. The patterns are different enough in scale that they don’t clash, and the Chevron reads as almost a solid unless you’re close up.

So… Pictures? Finally? Ok. 🙂 I couldn’t find a great one of the tips, but hers the best I have. Also… Lily is adorable! She us modeling both the slipcover and “baby night night.”



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