Just call me Mum

Last week we picked up several mums for the front porch. I figure there’s no point in trying to keep anything alive during the ridiculousness that is a south Texas summer. So, come autumn still summer, its nice to get some life and color back onto the porch and make it a more welcoming entrance.

Let’s just take a minute to talk about the insanity that is planting flowers with the kids. First, Lily now walks (read: runs as fast as 10″ legs will go) everywhere. And she’s obsessed with climbing. So working on the porch with its concrete steps is already dangerous. Add a hyper three year old who doesn’t understand that the 1 year old doesn’t get the concept of “catch”, and well, consider the fact that anything made it into pots and no one ended up in the hospital a major success. Hopefully in a few decades our porch will be show stopingly (did I just make up another word?) charming. For now, I’m happy to have something fall-ish up and even happier to have two fun girls to play in the dirt with.

So, back to the porch. I stacked our two real & one Goodwill pumpkins in one corner. These may have to move. I can easily see “knock down the pumpkin tower” becoming a new favorite game. Oh, and there’s actually another mum to plant, but I didn’t know Joe had stuck one on the other side of the stairs. Given that I was trying to watch the crazy nutters darlings, I just never saw it. So maybe another mum will make is way into one of the other half dozen still empty planters. Or, more likely, maybe it’ll be forgotten again and wither. In which case Patsy will probably find it all crunchy, get sad, and then try to save it by planting it inside the house.





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