Catching up

Four months of morning sickness with a flu over Christmas for good measure is a nice way to fall behind on…. everything.

Playing catch up now. With…. everything. Today I tackled some yard work while the girls played ran for the street over and over. The roses in front of our house are pretty, but thorny. Obviously. When they start to grow over the sidewalks, I try to save my few remaining pants that fit from being torn. Oh, I mean I try to save my kids from being poked.

Anyway, I hacked away, or pruned if you want to be fancy, until all four weren’t hazards to us as we walked from the driveway to the door, weren’t as full of dead branches, and weren’t as lopsided. Trimming back only the sides that impede walkways tend to the the opposite sides extra long. I worried they’d fall over our something. Well actually, one did. Or half did. It split in two during a storm awhile back, but both halves are still alive. Joe staked it and used twine to tie it back together. His MacGyvering had worked so far!

Oh, and for the record, pruning roses 19 weeks pregnant while chasing two little kids around is a workout. A big one. Just like hacking up dead bushes with an axe at 20 weeks pregnant is. I did that last time while I was pregnant with Lily, just days after closing in this house.

On to a picture! The red wagon holds all the branches I collected from the yard plus the rose debris.


Maybe we’ll have grass this spring? If not, I’m cool with starting the “dirt is the new awesome front yard” trend.


What say you?

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