Food bank

Our grapefruit tree in the back yard has decided to produce enough grapefruit for us. And 5426896 others. So far we’ve taken bags of them to neighbors, Joe’s office and various family members. Today we dropped 10 bags off at the food bank! They didn’t seem to know how to receive a private donation of lots of fruit, but they were excited about it none the less. One man ordered that they be taken “up front right away” so
they could be given out asap. So hopefully some kids for a grapefruit for an after school snack today. And hopefully my girls learn something about using what you have to give to others. And something about liking grapefruit. Lots of grapefruit. Lots.



2 responses to “Food bank

  1. And my grapefruit is where?

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of grapefruit! Kudos on making such a big donation to the food bank!

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