WordPress is a thief

I wrote a very long, witty, detailed post about (finally) oiling our butcher block counter on the kitchen island last week. And then? I did the unthinkable and proof read it. For serious. I even corrected phone keyboard typos! And then? WordPress ate it.


So now, no lovely post full of humor and lessons learned and blah blah blah. Just pictures so there is proof I actually cleaned off the island. And pictures of my cute kids. WordPress, don’t eat this, too please.

Oh, and no promises about proof reading anything in the future. 🙂




I forgot the island pictures. See what writing before dawn will do to one’s brain? Anyway, gets the pretty counter now that it has finally gotten a coat of mineral oil.




One response to “WordPress is a thief

  1. Very nice pictures! More pictures of house please!

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