I’m a fan

Of… fans. Texas is hot. Ok, well usually. Not today. Our spring that has been in full force for well over s month decided to go away and let cold back. But usually? Hot. So fans are great. So are lights. Best combo? Ceiling fans with lights! Maybe not the most beautiful or historically correct, but pregnant lady + Texas heat= design compromises.

We bought a fan for Lily’s nursery. But now Lily is 20 months old and shares a room with Patsy. The nursery will be for Violet, but we still have to finish it. This ceiling fan was nice in there, but the electrical box fell out of the ceiling, leaving the fan dangling. Given the fans miniature dimensions (24″), and need to re do the ceiling box anyway, we figured we would put it to use in the laundry room and get a new one for the nursery once we get the box fixed. This has been on the to do list for months, but it has a big scratch through it now! Well, it would if our to do list lived anywhere besides our heads.

Since Lily decided 6:45 was as late as she cared to be awake, Joe, bug and I teamed up to hang the fan in the laundry room. Pure scooters are actually awesome diy project helpers. You know those tiny itty bitty screws/nuts/washers/random unnamed bits that inevitably fall while you’re on a ladder or awkwardly holding too many things? Yeah, kids are great at playing detective and finding them. They are short and close to the ground and have eyes that are 20/20. We rent Patsy Lou out as a helper by the half hour. Just be sure you’re willing to answer 5932580629 questions about the project. And the weather. And princesses.

So after finding and reacting all the pieces, with the addition of a down rod, Joe got the thing hung up, turned on the breaker (which we knew was right since we used a current tester! Look at us doing it the right way!), and…….. it worked! Both the lights and fan worked amazingly, un-wobbly, fantastically well!

While up on the ladder, Joe also pulled the last of the hangers from the old drop ceiling and closed up the dangling open smoke detector. The old style ones tired to the previous security system don’t work, and we have plain battery ones now. To avoid even more exposed wiring though, we haven’t taken down the old detectors yet. Once wet get around to patching the ceiling, we will cap them.

Best of all,  I can now see what I’m doing when I’m doing laundry at night, and I won’t die of heat in summer!

And no proof reading today. Lily’s early bedtime meant the morning started at 4:45am, so my functioning brain cells are very limited!

Here’s the finished (except for replacing the broken light cover and adding longer pull chains) project. In the middle of an entirely unfinished room. 🙂




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