It’s not under construction!

Our marriage crossed a major milestone this weekend. We bought our first shower curtain! Seriously.
We were given one for a wedding gift six(!) years ago that we used in our old apartment. Then we lived with my parent’s for 2.5 years and just used theirs obviously. I guess ours is buried in (still unpacked) boxes upstairs in the attic our was Goodwilled sometime. So since buying this house, we have just used the one that was here. Granted, part of it was cut off because a corner was ew gross. But now? We have a new one!
Why do we have a new one? Because the old one looked even worse with our freshly painted primed walls. And my mom ripped out the broken, discolored, hideous over the toilet pvc  storage unit, which also makes the bathroom look waaaaay less gross. The white melamine covered pressboard cabinet is being replaced with our new craigslist wood armoire. We might even replace the bare bulb above the sink with an actual light fixture! What?! I know it’s crazy. We are going to (hopefully) have pour first completely finished room. At least until we gut it. 😉

Photos when there’s an after.


What say you?

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