Progress…. I think

So is it still progress if to move sunbathing in you have to move things (like bath rugs) out? I think so. Especially if it means the rotted out white melamine cabinet is history and a wood antique armoire has taken its place. A bath towels work well when the one year old dumps water out of the tub. Can’t convince her I believe her cup is full if water and she doesn’t have to pour it out on the floor.

Back to the switcheroo. Grossness gone. Gorgeousness in. We were a few inches short for the armoire, so Joe did some minor carpentry took a sawzall to the exceptionally well built held together with exactly 4 pins vanity. We lost a drawer we didn’t actually use in order to fit the cold water connection in its new location in the vanity. Small price. 🙂

We love it. Considering the new piece is already fairly beat up yet sturdy, and already outfitted with cleats and shelves (though thankfully original brass looks/hanging bar are in place), it couldn’t have been a better buy. We won’t be running a pristine antique by using it in the bathroom. Thank you again Craigslist!

New shower curtain and armoire pictures below because I can’t wait for a full “after.” Not a great picture, but getting a photo during bath/bedtime routines is as hard as wrestling an elephant when you’re an ant.


Still up for project Bathroom Remodel Phase One:
-Paint walls (already primed)
-Switch bare bulb on weird industrial metal box with a real light
-Replace gross mirror


What say you?

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