In the long long ago

known as pre kid #3, we changed up the playroom. Can’t call it finished though since one might actually need to install their baseboards instead of just laying them against the wall for a room to be considered complete. But details, whatever. So yeah, we changed it up. With a toddler who loves to eat/throw/rip/jump on anything in reach, we needed storage out of her reach to keep some thing safe.

Thanks to a new neighbor, who is super crazy nice (they baked a lasagna for us after Violet came home!), we inherited a wooden bookcase. It’s like the real wood version of the ever popular Ikea “insert Swedish crazy name here” square bookcase that’s ubiquitous in kids patrons the world over. She did it on the side of the road. People are crazy with the things they want to trash! Anyway, it needs a fresh coat of paint, but yeah, that’s not going to happen. “Lived in” is my most effective decorating strategy around here, do a beat up bookcase fits right in.

We also rearranged the room, stacked our two shorter Container Store bookcases, and cleaned. A lot. Oh,ca note about the container store bookcases. We obviously bought them pre kids. Because if we’d had kids, we’d have known they were just ladders. Toddler definitely climbs up the side to the very top. Yes, they are screwed into studs in the wall with a metal bracket. Didn’t even trust any strap with this. So, advice to fellow toddler proofing parents with tall bookcases, metal bracket + screws into studs. Better and cheaper than kits with fabric strapping. My mom also kindly hemmed the curtains so they didn’t puddle on the floor. Somewhere around here are two more for the from Windows, but I have no idea where they hid themselves. Surely it wasn’t that I lost them.

So, pictures! And obviously it no longer looks like this. We have what I’m told is a set up of a dinosaur family with human, lion, and bear children. So yeah, watch your step. Dinosaur toys hurt almost as much as Legos when you step in them in the middle of the night.





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