Nursery update… the actual one

So sweet Violet is three months old today. As always, time flies. I’m rocking her to sleep for a nap, and figure it’s time to document the completed nursery. There are still things to hang on walls and a door to paint, but the actual construction is done in this room (the only room in the house that can claim that honor!).

The purple walls and pink ceiling are so darn charming. The wooden child’s rocking chair/cradle is adorable and sweet. My mom painted a wooden bench with storage in it purple and blue for my old room at their house, and it works well against one wall without interfering with closet access. Also from my old room at mom and dad’s, a little chest with hydrangeas works well beneath a window. And, bargain alert!, the big comfy chair was a steal at the Pottery Barn Outlet.

Seriously, it would’ve cost more to buy all black get up and hire get away drivers and what have you to steal it. $80 for the uncovered chair, $60 for the slip cover. Both in perfect shape! The trick is to find the un slipcovered pieces during an extra 20% off upholstery sale.

This room is by far my favorite in the house. Having a nursery at all is such a blessing after having only 1 bedroom to share with the first two girls. Two adults, 1 toddler, and 1 newborn in my old bedroom at my parent’s was… cozy. This nursery feels like pure luxury in comparison!

So obviously it’s no longer the 19th. I had to come back to this post another day because, well, I have 3 kids. CD and a house to renovate. Things rarely get finished right away!





Photo courtesy of the awesome Nonnie Bella Photography. Crooked picture hanging courtesy of me. 😉

And the real star of the show:


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