When one window closes…

Another door opens. Or something like that. Very long (5 months worth) story short: We’re replacing the worn out, craptastic, code? what code?, ugly deck off the laundry room. We’re also extending it to the dining room, adding a wheel chair lift to it, screening part of it in, and replacing the dining room windows with new (to us) french doors.

We have a sweet family friend who can’t get into our house due to mobility issues. Century old houses and accessibility? Not so much. I’m really excited, and I must admit, quite happy to have a project a contractor will tackle for once. DIY is fun and all, and we all know I’m queen cheapskate, but with 3 small kids and so much complexity involved with this project, it’s just way out of our skill set. And time set. I just brushed my teeth and am still in pajamas. It’s 1pm. Definitely short on time.

Best part of it all is that the elevator comes with a keychain remote. That should provide for some excitement!

I’ll update as they get started, hopefully next week!, about more details. I’m really excited to discuss the material we chose, the design, our deal on French doors (no project is complete without a bargain somewhere), the actual lift, the process, all of it! And with pictures. Cell phone crappy ones as always, but pictures none the less!

(I like calling it a lift instead of an elevator because it makes me feel fancy pants. And Patsy Lou announced I’m the queen this morning, so I think that now makes me British. I’m going to get the kids to start calling me “mum.”)


What say you?

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