Eating room

Ha! My phone auto mis-corrected “dining room” for the title. Still appropriate, so it stays.

Before the dining room, aka eating room sees any changes from the work on the deck, namely switching out the windows for patio doors, I wanted to grab some “before” pictures.

The plan is to paint, replace the uuugly ceiling fan, trim room with arch way, doorway, and crown moldings, and add wainscotting. And maybe a picture rail. The husband only knows of some of these plans. šŸ˜‰ The budget, or lack there of, will determine how much if this gets done soon. And the husband’s level of excitement. Me thinks we may just paint.

So guess what costs Five THOUSAND DOLLARS? French doors. Seriously. Our windows are huge, so getting 8′ doors or shorter ones+ transom in anything other than vinyl is insanely expensive. Thank goodness for craigslist! We found a set of solid wood 8′ tall inswing French doors with no center post (exactly what we were looking for) for $300. Much better.

The Cargo desk was a $40 score at one of my favorite thrift stores a few months ago. Not sure where it will live long term, but for now it’s in here. The table was Joe’s. The chairs are mis matched free ones we’ve been lucky to find or were given. Matching, or at least coordinating ones, might eventually happen. The door is beautiful and I want to refinish it as art, but I don’t think I’ll ever get around to it, so it’ll likely get craigslisted. The table against it is just there to keep anyone from knocking the door down and being hurt since it weighs a ton.




Hanging art also gets tacked onto the to do list.


What say you?

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