Smooth sailing

Obviously that’s a lie. Because nothing around here ever is with a project. The latest fun?

That pipe I mentioned was even more ridiculous than we could’ve ever anticipated. Highlights include the actual drain pipe disintegrating, and drilling a 4″ hole in the tile.

And wires wrapped with a paper sleeve in the ceiling light fixture. And no grounding wire of course. Wonder how old it really is…. Anyway, it’s replaced. And grounded.

And finally, home depot sells 1/2″ fip supply lines. And 1/2″ shut off valves. But not 1/2″ fip to 1/2″ fip shut off valves. Or any adapters that will work. And we can’t really reach the connection to the faucet well to change the lines, and can’t find the right shut off valves anywhere. So still no water. Awesome.

And finally, frog tape failed us big time! It was actually probably more human error than anything, but it was nearly impossible to seal the edges of the tape well on the ceiling due to the tall ceilings and bathroom configuration, so we had tons of bleeding from the wall paint. Maybe crown moulding some day to cover it?

And because I like to end with good news, the heater and porcelain cabinet knobs should arrive today!

Still to do:
Get water. Somehow.
Figure out flange situation for drain from Hell.
Remove rust stains from tile.
Install heater.
Install knobs.
One more coat of paint on door.
Pray. Be thankful for another “done for now” and super pretty room!
Win the lotto so we can actually do full, down to the studs remodel of all bathrooms and kitchen.
Take long bath with biiiiiiig glass of wine.


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  1. Faucet Parts at 1109 Fresno should have it

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