Bathroom of doom update

Of course there’s an update. Of course more seemingly simple things are anything but.

We figured that we really were out of potential for crazy stuff, but the heater proved us wrong! Plugged it in, watched the fan inside whirl around, heat started coming out, high fives!

I started making breakfast, decided to check on the heater again….. nada. Joe stopped on his way out the door to flip the breaker, and we turned it back on. He headed off to work, and I washed the dishes. Checked on the heater again, and surprise! It’s not working.

A bit more investigating reveals that the outlets in the whole kitchen and the bathroom run off of the same circuit! So you can microwave something, turn on the dishwasher, vacuum that side of the house, or be warm in the bathroom. But not be warm and do any of the others.

Checked off the to do list: install bathroom heater.

Added to the to do list: rewire the entire house.

I thought checking things off was supposed to make lists shorter?

What say you?

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