It’s a trap

Hopefully we’ll manage to trap the tiny ones! The screen porch came with a basically useless screen door. The bugs (and toddlers) just flew/walked right through it. Something obviously had to be done, but there was no budget for a new door. Thank goodness for bulk item pick up! Some one had a solid wood bottom screen door in their pile, so I crammed that thing in the van so fast! It’s definitely not new, but call it character and all is well! A bit of sanding/filling/gluing, rescreening with the old door screen,  hardware laying around in a closet, and new hinges and paint, and we’ve got my favorite kind of project: rescued and nearly free!


Don’t mind the Happy Halloween banner. We’ll redecorate eventually. Maybe in time for the 4th of July.

One response to “It’s a trap

  1. Nice! Looks like something on Pinterest

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