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This is a joke, right?

Because seriously. This can’t actually be happening.

40 square foot pit of Hell weekend update:

After scrubbing, scraping, scouring, and plumbing, we FINALLY had the bathroom in a state where a shower could happen this afternoon! Sure, the faucet and sink weren’t quite done, but no matter. The toilet and shower were a go!

So, I grabbed the shampoo and a towel, and jumped in! The new showerhead is AMAZING!

And then? The handles fell off. I’m not even kidding. It sounds like a joke, right? But it’s true.  



Progress…. I think

So is it still progress if to move sunbathing in you have to move things (like bath rugs) out? I think so. Especially if it means the rotted out white melamine cabinet is history and a wood antique armoire has taken its place. A bath towels work well when the one year old dumps water out of the tub. Can’t convince her I believe her cup is full if water and she doesn’t have to pour it out on the floor.

Back to the switcheroo. Grossness gone. Gorgeousness in. We were a few inches short for the armoire, so Joe did some minor carpentry took a sawzall to the exceptionally well built held together with exactly 4 pins vanity. We lost a drawer we didn’t actually use in order to fit the cold water connection in its new location in the vanity. Small price. 🙂

We love it. Considering the new piece is already fairly beat up yet sturdy, and already outfitted with cleats and shelves (though thankfully original brass looks/hanging bar are in place), it couldn’t have been a better buy. We won’t be running a pristine antique by using it in the bathroom. Thank you again Craigslist!

New shower curtain and armoire pictures below because I can’t wait for a full “after.” Not a great picture, but getting a photo during bath/bedtime routines is as hard as wrestling an elephant when you’re an ant.


Still up for project Bathroom Remodel Phase One:
-Paint walls (already primed)
-Switch bare bulb on weird industrial metal box with a real light
-Replace gross mirror

It’s not under construction!

Our marriage crossed a major milestone this weekend. We bought our first shower curtain! Seriously.
We were given one for a wedding gift six(!) years ago that we used in our old apartment. Then we lived with my parent’s for 2.5 years and just used theirs obviously. I guess ours is buried in (still unpacked) boxes upstairs in the attic our was Goodwilled sometime. So since buying this house, we have just used the one that was here. Granted, part of it was cut off because a corner was ew gross. But now? We have a new one!
Why do we have a new one? Because the old one looked even worse with our freshly painted primed walls. And my mom ripped out the broken, discolored, hideous over the toilet pvc  storage unit, which also makes the bathroom look waaaaay less gross. The white melamine covered pressboard cabinet is being replaced with our new craigslist wood armoire. We might even replace the bare bulb above the sink with an actual light fixture! What?! I know it’s crazy. We are going to (hopefully) have pour first completely finished room. At least until we gut it. 😉

Photos when there’s an after.

It’s a wrap.

Our house, like most 100 year old homes, isn’t exactly going to pass an air door blower test. Hvac is also a big issue. In an effort to reduce energy usage & make things comfortable in the bathroom, we took on a couple of quick projects tonight. First, we bought water heater insulation blankets for both if our electric water heaters. Yes, we have 2. Well, actually, we have 3. The third is in the attic and services the half bath & kitchenette upstairs. Only we can’t use it because the bathroom isn’t vented, things are installed illegally apparently, & the overflow valve for the water heater itself would send scalding hot water onto the unfinished attic floor & through the ceiling should it flip on. So we ignore the upstairs plumbing entirely.
Back to tonights projects.  Joe headed under the house & wrapped both water heaters with the insulation. It was a fairly straight forward process. Joe wrapped the heater, cut off the excess, put that on top, then taped it all up. Hopefully this will help reduce the estimated $1000 yearly energy usage between the two units. Geothermal in the future?


The second project was to seal the gaps around the sure conditioner unit Joe put in the bathroom window a couple of weekends ago. We stuffed rags & towels around it for a diopter quick solution, but definitely needed a bit better. I stuffed a rope of self adhesive rubbery tape between thee unit & each side, then into any little holes still left, as well as between the wood we used to fill the big gap & the window frame. Still a temporary measure as we are hoping to get a vent with a built in heater, but hopefully it will help for now.