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If we aren’t careful

it might start to look like people live here. At least people over the age of 4. There’s plenty of evidence of them around. 😉

Our bedroom walls now actually house three photos! Sure they’re randomly placed wherever my pregnant scattered brain decided to hang them at 10pm one night, but whatever. They’re up! One? Even of Joe and me! And it’s all sweet and mushy and crap! Ok, not crap at all. Actually a beautiful image about by an old high school friend who is a photographer (like, real, photography college degree holding kind… not like obviously unprofessional me, hey! Look! Cell phone pictures yay! ). Another is one of my favorites of me and the girls ever. And the last is a good ol look! Yay cell phone! snapshot from a last minute, random Sunday afternoon trip to the beach this spring. Everyone takes off for a couple hours at the beach, and holy amazing shrimp feast at Peir 99, spur of the moment on Sundays, right? No? More evidence we are crazy?

Still, we have actual family photographs on our actual bedroom walls! I feel like I’m almost supposed to be a grown up or something! Nonnie Bella Photography gets all the credit for the pretty ones. Pretty sure I don’t need to id them individually. 😉

Pictures! From my cell phone of course.




Still need to fill the other two in this frame. Probably once Miss Violet shows up. She’s due 1 month from today!

P.s. this was supposed to be all about how awesome it was to find the perfect color to touch up the nursery walls after the 3 year old can of left over paint left touch ups looking quite brown on the purple walls. But it’s not. Because the color swatch that we found matched so well reads much lighter in actuality. And I’m sad about it. A lot. 😦