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DIY curtain rods & drop cloth curtains

I’ve mentioned in the past that we have crazy huge windows. Love them, but we need curtains, which gets expensive. Or bedroom has 3 banks of windows (2 windows in each). Solution? Drop cloths!

They’re perfect. With our beachy, Caribbean sea water color walls, the canvas is the perfect sand hued compliment. The rough texture is also reminiscent of sand, & adds to the “rustic” vibe we are going for through out the house. They were also $11 each for 6′ x 9′ panels. So, $22 for each bank of windows. Everyone knows I love me some deals. 🙂 Also, since they were finished on all sides, I didn’t have to have epic battles with my sewing machine sew.

Only problem left? Hanging them. We made more of our DIY curtain rods like in the playroom. Two 4′ dowels connected with dowel screws are about $6 each. Joe put these together, then I white washed them with done watered down off white paint ( Olympic that I got at the Habitat Restore for $7/gal). We hung the rods from those brackets that come in 2 parts since greeting a screw driver into the awkward space with one piece brackets is an exercise in uber frustration. We also used rings with clips to hang the curtains from the rods. Both the brackets & clips are antique brass to match the original hardware through the house, as well add continue the beachy/nautical theme in the bedroom.

We were only able to get one set hung today. Home Depot only had 3 packs of the ring clips, so we need to pick up 3 more tomorrow. We also were super ready for done dinner. We don’t work well on empty stomachs. We love them already though, even with just one set up. They make the room feel so much more finished &, dare I say, chic? As long as you ignore the mismatched furniture, unpainted trim, mess, etc. 😉

More pictures written the rest are up… And when I fix the ring that I missed when I hung them that Joe noticed. I wondered why that side

was less full. 🙂


diy rods drying


Drop cloth curtains