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Nursery has a closet

Woohoo! Originally, this room had 2 closets that made zero sense. I will try to find a photo, but it was just weird. Now, we have 2 closets that face into thr room, 1 on each side of the door from the hallway. We used more lumber we’ve taken from various parts of the house, including a board that has “From Ed Steves & Sons” painted on it. We think this may be original to the house, as that local lumber company has been around for a very long time. They have a house-turned-museum, the Steves’ homestead, in King William & it’s beautiful. Yay for random local history.



In other news, we are still employing child labor got the drywall. 😉 The kid loves to be just like her dad & grandpa (who did a great job and saved us thousands!). Just fyi, she just plays with the stuff & tries to help. We don’t actually make the 2 year old haul drywall. We save her real labor for electrical work.



Things are coming along, & we will hopefully start painting later this week!