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It’s halloween! Truth be told, this is one of my least favorite holidays. I don’t like creepy/scary/gross, so halloween is not my cup of tea. Except for the candy. Especially chocolate. Anyway, the 2 year old & husband are gung ho about the halloween fun. This years pumpkin patch was great, & last night was carving time! And permanent market time. And now said 2 year old has a red thumb mail that makes it look like she is always bleeding, even though we actually managed to carve a pumpkin with no blood at all! Tonight we bought a couple of nifty led candles to light the masterpiece.


A slow, boring weekend

was not in the cards for us! We successfully moved into the new house! It’s wonderful, & we are all so super happy it’s crazy! Not only that, we threw a house warming party & THIRTY FIVE guests showed up… 1 day after we moved in. Yes  we are crazy. It was awesome though. Thank you to everyone who helped us start our lives in this house with great memories. Like:
Yummy cookies.
Patsy throwing dirty on the porch then insisting on sweeping it up in the middle of the party.image
Patsy telling my grandma, uncle, & a family friend that they had to cone inside to the party, since apparently the backyard wasn’t part of it.
All of the kids playing in the playroom, especially when Patsy wanted the fireman’s hat another little kid was wearing.
Patsy chasing some older kids around, calling all of them “that boy” & screeching in delight when they would chase her, too.
My parents & aunt furiously helping set up all morning/early afternoon
Laying in bed that night happy as could be, feeling right at home in this house.

After our first night here, Joe said that although the new bed was smaller & harder than our old one, all 4 of us were crammed in together, we didnt have blankets or even a real fitted sheet, it read absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have agreed more!

One other thing we snuck into this weekend was a trip to our favorite pumpkin patch!

We used them to decorate along with a wreath my aunt fixed up using the old gross one we inherited. My parents & my aunt added to our flower collection, making the outside much nicer. My dad also mower our yard over 2 days. Thanks!image


‘It was the busiest weekend EVER, but it literally could not have been better. And now I feel all sappy again. 😉