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Back! With a baby!


The lack of blogging is due to little Lily. Shes awesome! We are in love. Patsy is a great big sister.


In house related things, it’s been all about floors. Joe & Janet took some up from a house being demolished, for free! Our floors are sanded, & starting to be finished. They are beautiful. We will fix the hall floors later with the salvage pieces from that old house. The above photo shoes both the unfinished and sealed floors.

They say

Everything takes twice as long and costs twice as much as you expect. Not true. It’s 3 times as much/long. 😉 Painting is just about done. Floors are almost all sanded. In another “who does that” moment, we discovered a flooring patch in the kitchen, near the sink made from drywall. Seriously. There were also osb, particle board, & plywood patches. The craftsmanship in this prior kitchen renovation wasn’t exactly Norm Abrams quality. Ugh. Oh well. We’ve resigned ourselves to moving after the baby arrives since I’m due in 5 days. Joe & my parents are working their butts off. Sone of my Aunts & my cousin Jeanette came to help, too. We are so blessed to have such great family & friends. 🙂