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Overdue rent

Sure we own a house which means we pay a mortgage (which I guess means the oh so lovely mortgage company owns our house, but why get caught up in boring technicalities), but we still owed some back rent to my parents. Ok, not really. They wouldn’t charge us even though we lived with them for 2.5 years rent free. Therefore, we are happy to help around their house when needed. And because if that whole their my parents thing & I’m their favorite child (even if I’m their only one. Again with boring technicalities). 😉 All that to say, they had a roof leak & wanted a hand patching it. My husband loves him some diy. And climbing on roofs. And anything that resembles drywalling (he claims spreading the rubber is just like mudding drywall). So up to the roof he climbed. If you have a low pitched roof with only small leaks no where near the edge, then roof patches are definitely diy! 

For the actual patching, Joe smeared roof patching compound right over the areas where shingles were cracked or gaps appeared between the asphalt rolls. He imbedded some random mesh in the larger gaps to give it something to hold onto. Apparently it doesn’t really need any time to be water tight, but being on a roof in a storm is poopy doopy (Patsy Lou’s replacement for “stupid”), so the patches had about a day to dry before rain.  They held! In even better news, they held just fine even during this most recent super crazy storm!

Joe also found a section of rotten facia where rodents were entering the attic & free loading. Squatting at my parents house. Can you believe such a thing?! Anyway, some Great Stuff for large gaps did the trick. I only had a mild panic attack watching him lay near the edge of the roof. He was never really in danger, but I’m nothing if not a good worrier. Almost as good as my grandma. Almost.

Since I didn’t want to be left out of all the fun, I climbed up to the roof, too. To make myself useful, I trimmed some branches from the tree overhanging the roof. My parents spent lots of time both before & after our visit sweeping random debris off the roof. All in all, it was one of those great kind of diy projects. One day, cheap, immediate gratification, fun, & hugely important.

And look at that. A whole post about climbing on the roof & not one joke about things looking up. There may be some hope left for me afterall!