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Joe was in the doghouse

Last week we brought our dog, Scruffy, to the new house. He & my parents dog, Duke (short for Marmaduke), aren’t exactly friends. Mostly, mom wasn’t sure they’d survive another fight. So since Scruff lives in our side yard which only offers a bit of an overhang from the roof for protection, Joe built him a doghouse. The last minute doggie shelter was a great use up project for scraps.

He built the sides from the cabinet pieces he beat the heck out of removed  to make a home for our dishwasher. The top is some of the beadboard we salvaged almost exactly a year ago from a house being demo’d nearby. It’s the same used to clad the kitchen island. The other supports were all other random lumber pieces we’ve collected. It still needs a run of the circular saw to clean up the raw edges, & maybe some paint. Probably not though.

We aren’t pamper your pet like it’s a human kind of people. We’re be nice to your pets, but it’s an outdoor dog not the kids kind of people. Scruffy doesn’t really care if his doghouse is painted. He actually doesn’t even care about using it to stay out of the rain. He just stands at the kitchen door. Getting wet. Letting Smokey the cat taunt him from the inside of the glass door. Crazy dog. At least he & Duke aren’t fighting anymore. Scruffy is much happier running through the bushes, barking at other dogs & licking Patsy Lou.

I should’ve mentioned Patsy Lou was his construction assistant.
imageThat’s Scruffy. Photo taken while sitting here at my desk typing this. He loves himself a little sun.

The top/side of the doghouse. The white diamond shaped piece was part of a set of stairs in it’s former life I think. There are a total of four, one on each top corner that help with the angle of the roof. Photo taken from kitchen window. It’s been rainy and, well, getting real shoes on to go outside in the mud to get a real picture just isn’t sounding as awesome as staying in my slippers and being lazy.


Fat cat

Oops. Our little kitten was only 1 pound when we got him soon after getting married. Turns out he is now 18!!! pounds. He’s on a diet now. Cat + diet = eeek! He’s already not fond of pooping in his box, so this should be fun. 😉

In other news, happy halloween! We are going to have a couple of “ballerini princesses” on our hands. What costumes are you &/or your kids  wearing today?