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Taking a bite out of our to-do list

Our sofa is pretty great. Mostly because a generous family friend gave it (and a bunch of other fantastic stuff) to us f-r-e-e! However, sturdy and comfy as it is, the fabric on the cushions was ripping. Badly.

Lily has developed a new game. It’s called “pick off little pieces of cushion foam and try to eat them before mommy stops me!” So we needed to stop that. Old foam cushion isn’t very high on the healthy baby diet. However, finding eco friendly affordable sofas to replace ours with us really hard. I did find a great option at Eco Select furniture, but they are online only so we can’t see any of their work first. Given they are All of that long winded explanation is the reason we bought a slipcover for our sofa. On a scouting mission to bed, bath and beyond (for a crock pot, which we still haven’t decidedon), Joe found a nice, neutral slip cover on the 50% off the clearance price table. I also had the ubiquitous 20% of coupon. That meant that after clearance, extra sale, and coupon we got a sofa skip cover for $20. Insert happy bargain dance here!

Well, we waited on the celebration dance until after we got home and Joe vacuumed out the couch, pulled all the toys out from under it, and managed to pull the slipcover over our sofa. We were concerned since the package said it would only go to 88″ and ours is 92″. Luck was on our side though, and it fits! Sort of. The seams show and the arms don’t fit at all, but it’s a huge improvement. It also definitely brightens up the room and the much more subtle beige chevron pattern coordinates nicely with our bargain beige plaid curtains. The patterns are different enough in scale that they don’t clash, and the Chevron reads as almost a solid unless you’re close up.

So… Pictures? Finally? Ok. ๐Ÿ™‚ I couldn’t find a great one of the tips, but hers the best I have. Also… Lily is adorable! She us modeling both the slipcover and “baby night night.”



Well, Joe did want a farm….

So I bought a pig. A cute little one. ๐Ÿ™‚

When I found this cute little basket at Goodwill for just a few bucks I figured he’d be a fun way to corral some baby board books.

*why yes, that was a barn joke*

When I bought it, I sent Joe a text saying “just bought a pig basket.” He thought I made a typo. Oh no my darling husband, I did indeed buy a basket shaped like a pig. For seriously.

We’re still trying to find a name for him. I like Arnold in honor of a pig that used to live on Grandmas farm when my mom was little… At least until dinner one night. Never make a pet of an animal on a farm. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyhow, a playroom is a room that shouldn’t take itself too seriously, so what better place for a little piggy basket? He makes me smile, the girls seem excited, and it’s a start to the farm Joe has always wanted. Besides, any organization we can add to keep thus place from looking like a pig sty is a good thing.





Worldly decor

Mom & I went shopping last week. Wee! In addition to getting tons of ideas for diy stuff, I got a couple of things that have been awesome.

First oh all, a wood floor in the kitchen can be a beautiful thing. A rug to catch water in front of the sink on top of the wood floor is better. I wish this one cane in a bigger size, but I love that it looks like a doily. If I find Simeon in a better scale I love, this one can always move in front of a door or to a bathroom.


Ignore the cabinets. Still hate them. Haaaate.

I also got a chicken wire basket that hangs on the wall. It might just be the best thing in the playroom now. Whenever we get library books, we lose them. Fines kind of negate the while free aspect of using the library. Sooo, I wanted a single, designated dot to keep sill of our library books. The chicken wire is kind of fantastic against the siding we left exposed near the door in the playroom. Its at kid height so they can put their own books away. Its near the bags so packing up for the library should be easy. Its even so great that Joe wants to add another above it do things look more balanced.


Note, those aren’t library books. Because the ones we have are currently missing. Of course. Which is why we needed this basket to start with…

I love shopping.

Another note. Please pardon all errors. Sleep has been in short supply. Cops knocking on the door (wrong address) at midnight, thunderstorms, kids. They all make sleep harder. I wish I didn’t hate coffee.

Really long curtains (really)

Our windows are huge. Like, door sized huge. All of them except the two next to the fireplace are over 5 feet tall! We inherited nice honeycomb shades for them, but took them down during last years demo. The south facing windows got then reinstalled right away (thanks mom!) because they face the street & I am a nursing mom. I think the neighbors and other passers by appreciate that a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the thing though. The blinds have zero character, have to be mounted to the front of the window trim which is ugly, and have uber long cords that are a safety hazard for the little ones. So while great for blocking heat, i really don’t love them.

For the girls room we hung beautiful curtains with my grandmas old quilt squares, and some new ones made from her fabric pile ( thanks mom!). The rest of the house is still sporting blut (pronounced “bluet”.grandmas Alsatian word for naked) windows. This is mostly only a problem in our bedroom and playroom where I often nurse. I’ve been on a hunt for curtains or fabric, but 100″+ long curtains are crazy expensive! So when I stumbled across some tan plaid ones online for $12.99/ panel I jumped on them like they were chocolate. Tan plaid?! Yes. At that price I was willing to risk it. Turns out they’re awesome! Country, rustic, lovely. Yay!

We hung then in the playroom’s east facing windows from homemade curtain Ross. Really long curtain rods are also super nutso expensive! Joe bought cheapy cheap dowels & used dowel screws to get the length we needed. I have to go back & stain or paying them, but that’ll happen when we get around to the trim someday.

Mostly, I am thrilled with having real curtains in this room & it’s nice to not worry about the neighbors when Lily wants to nurse. Now we are 2 windows down with 27 to go! ๐Ÿ˜‰

In completely unrelated events, Lily is one! Her first birthday was yesterday and it was awesome. We ride the train in Brackenridge park, a new family birthday tradition, met Joe for lunch, visited my grandma (dads mom) in the hospital, and had a Christmas party.

Yes I did just say Christmas. Yes it’s summer. Christmas is my favorite. Even more than chocolate (maybe because it involves lots of chocolate?). So since my baby’s birthday landed on 7/25, it’s going to be Christmas in July birthday extravaganzas every year! Until the “mooo-oooom. That’s lame.” starts. While she can’t talk though and I get to plan her parties, pink trees, snow covered cake, and carols it will be!

Chances I scar her for life & she converts to Judaism?

Anyway, Lily it’s amazing, loving, smart, so funny, and a pure joy. Being her mom is a true honor and we are so blessed to have such a beautiful girl in our family. Love you my little Lily love!

Here are some pictures of our playroom curtains (person the post birthday craziness in the room… Even though her party was at a dear family friends house…), and of the birthday girl.





Art? Who? Us?

Our walls are getting some love! I hung Joe’s birthday map above the sofa in the playroom. It’s scale is great. Fills lots of the available space, but leaves room for friends, maybe family photos to join it someday. It’s important to hang large pictures at an angle. That way, you don’t have to yell at the screw that won’t.go.in.any.further. Oh, and when trying to use a drill & hang breakable things with 2 kids around, always start a smidge lower than the ideal hanging spot. That way, when the drill slips & punctures 5 holes in the wall, you can just keep moving up & hide the holes behind the art! Because if hanging art alone with 2 kids around is an exercise in crazy, then attempting to fix holes in crazytown is just ridiculous. So, start low & hide mistakes. Thats my professional mom advise. ๐Ÿ™‚

Keeping my momentum going, I decided to FINALLY hang a stinking clock in this house. We have an alarm clock by the bed & the stove clock, but that was it. Now we have a real clock that doesn’t require resetting when the power goes out. I like the simple not-too-modern style of this old Ikea one. It was a good purchase 5? years ago. I think it was either for my last college apartment or our first married apartment. Can’t remember… which makes me feel ooooold!

Finally on the watch-out-Steph’s-playing-with-power-tools-again list, I hung a neat metal star in the kitchen. It was a house warming gift from one of Joe’s old co-workers. I really like this thing. It’s so classic Texas. I know it’s all trendy to have metal stars, but this us clearly not a fancy new one. I loves it. This time I has to actually be more careful while getting the screw in the wall since any mistakes couldn’t be hidden ala my hang thee picture higher method I used on the map & clock. Lots of force, holding the drill with both hands (as opposed to one on the drill & one on the screw), and working not as high above my head actually resulted in only 2 dings and zero holes in the wall! Pardon the funky texture mixtures on the kitchen drywall/plaster. And unfinished window trim. That sulk all be solved in a future kitchen remodel. Got more, I’m just excited to have this place looking more homey & less like we are squatters.

Somebody please tell me I’m not the only inept girl punching extra holes in the wall when I hang things. Anybody else love Texastastic stars or real clocks instead of digital ones? How about huge Goodwill piles sitting in bags on your island waiting to be donated? I’m not that messy, just waiting to haul stuff off too good old Goodwill!


Back to”normal”

Normal gets quotes because it’s not like I can pretend to actually be normal. I’m weird, & so normal is a completely relative thing. Speaking of, I blame my relatives for my lack of normal. ;p Oh, look. I went off on a tangent, see? Normal.

Lets try a real post now.

Joe is back to work! Having him home for 3 weeks was awesome, but those pesky bills kept coming. So back to a real job it is. It’s a really good one & I’m so proud of him! Things for the rest if us are getting back into a routine of playing, cleaning broken glasses off the floor, paying, laundry, cleaning, playing, eating, unpacking (still. Probably forever.), playing, blogging, playing. I love being home with my girls. We have a good time. Currently, it’s Lincoln Logs time. Joe got a best set if all wooden ones from my Grandma for his birthday. My patents had saved my olds set from the 80s, so now we can build quite the village. Also on the birthday present train came an awesome map with each country decorated with it’s flag. Ok, do I sold it to him as a birthday gify, but that was mostly my excuse for splurging on it. It was 10ย  whole dollars!ย  We all know I’m queen cheap. But, as a birthday gift, well, that makes it totally fun to splurge. It’s big, so I’m thinking of hanging it over the sofa in the playroom to take up the empty space on that wall. But thats so boring. Must contemplate more. Anyway, three guesses where I got it. Guessed Goodwill on the first try? I’m so predictable. I love me a Goodwill. I actually did a happy dance on Monday in another Goodwill. I found Joe’s exact hard to find size khaki pants in like new condition, which was exactly what I was there for! And? They were the color of the week! And?! It was a Monday so it was $2 off instead of just $1 off. Que happy dance!

Here are pictures of the Lincoln logs & map. Extra credit if you find all of the out of date flags on the map. ๐Ÿ™‚

post script: I’m signing Patsy up for pre school today. Nuts!


Why a big couch is important

When we inherited this sofa from a sweet family friend, I must admit it wasn’t my favorite thing in life. The lines were very simple, the pattern almost exactly like the one on my moms 70s couch we has until 2006. I figured this was just a place holder. Wrong! Oh was I wrong. I’ve become more & more smitten with this thing. It’ll need new fabric since the original is torn in several places, but otherwise it’s solid. It’s long length allow lots of room for all members of the family to snuggle. It’s sturdy base holds up to being ruin into with the vacuum, wooden toys, chairs, kids, rocking space ships, etc. Moral of the story: even lovers of all things old can forget that things from the scary 70s can be real treasures. The question now is if I have the guts to redo this thing myself… In bright red!