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Adios torn up mess of a kitchen ceiling

Electricians are at the house today! Plumbers show up tomorrow (yay dishwasher)! The ridiculous craziness that is our kitchen ceiling is on its way out the door. Well, not really. Entire ceilings tend not to fit out doorways. Anyhow, we are soooo close to moving day, I can’t wait. We met lots of neighbors at national night out yesterday, & there are several young kids in the area. Patsy is excited about her new friends. She keeps asking to hug them. 🙂

Why I Love Our Neighborhood

Our new part of town is awesomely eclectic. Patsy made a new friend at the park with super fun, old house loving parents that we really enjoyed talking with. It’s fantastic to chat with folks who share our love of character filled, beautiful old homes. Also, the great neighbors across the street, I think I will name them the blue house folks, brought Joe dinner the other night while he was working away! He sure wasn’t sad about meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. 🙂 Ok, my husband isn’t ever really sad about food…. neither am I! Anyhow, point is we are getting even more excited to move & start enjoying our new neighborhood.

In other news, I’m in search of countertop options for the kitchen island. Sustainable, whether that be reclaimed, recycled, renewable, is important. So is durability. So far, homemade butcher block, wide plank wood, or stone remnant are what we’ve considered. We are definitely open to suggestions though. Oh, & I forgot “price” in the list of important factors since I’m cheap…. er, frugal. Ok, cheap. 😉 Ideas?