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The good news

is that we can do our own wall demo. The bad news is that we absolutely have to because the demo bid was more than our whole budget for the time being. The entire bid from the contractor was 10 times more than we can spend right now. So DIY with subs where just absolutely needed it is! It’ll be fun. Long, tedious and hard, but fun.

My dad, Patsy and I went over Friday to water the plants. Our roses are awesome! We have no clue what variety they are, but they are some sort of antique garden variety with dozens of cream colored petals on each bloom. The purple iris is going nuts on one side of the front walk, and nothing but a few stems on the other. Odd. I’m not exactly a great gardener, so I have no idea why this is or how to fix it. Just another item on the “will get around to fixing this someday” list. I love that we have some great plants though and don’t need to landscape from scratch as it makes our house much more inviting and homey.

In other news, today is Patsy Lou’s 2nd birthday! She’s amazing. I heard a quote once from a source I don’t remember, but it’s very wise and very true. “Such long days add up to such short years.” We’re so blessed to be the parents to this kid.