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This makes me happy

It may not have been on the listing as a selling point for this house & Guy probably hasn’t had anybody else care, but this house has awesome southern exposure on the front porch. Perfect for drying diapers! Someday, I want to rig up a clothesline on the side of the house, but for now this works. The drying rack was a house warming gift fun my grandma, & it’s awesome! Thanks grandma!


It’s war little bunnies

I’m waging a war against dusty bunnies. This house is crazy full of dust. I’m actually surprised there’s room for the 4 of us left! I’m vacuuming, wiping, mopping, and then starting all over. This is definitely going to be a daily battle, but I WILL WIN! Sorry bunnies, you’re going down!

In other “you are going down!” news, it’s the world series! Go Cardinals! 🙂